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September 12 - 18, 2022
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This unique, week-long event includes events that educate, promote, and celebrate the U.S.

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Constitution Week
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The Silver Bullet to those who say that the American Founding was Racist

For centuries slavery was practiced throughout the world.  It was as common then as the internet is today! The black slave trade in the United States was part of this worldwide human tragedy.  During this era approximately 388,000 African slaves were brought to the United States.  As bad as slavery was, this only represented about 4% of the total African Slave trade in the entire world.  

Much of the African slave trade was managed by Africans. Slave owners in the US were not only white.  There were about 4,000 black slave owners.  In 1787 a new nation called the United States of America included slave owners and slaves and at the same time also declared independence upon the idea that “all men are created equal” Every human possesses “unalienable rights” including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  On the world stage, what a bold declaration!


Most nations did not view slavery as a problem.  The United States lost over 600,000 lives declaring, yes it is a problem.

The point to be made here is just how unique the American idea was at such a dark time in the world.  Now comes one of my most favorite parts of the American Founding.

Article I section 9 clauses I of the United States Constitution. The Northwest Ordinance adopted September 17, 1787.  This territory in present day are the states of Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin. More specifically, this prohibited the importation of slaves from the Atlantic Slave trade and passed laws to abolish slavery in half of the original states.  The war for American independence only ended 4 years earlier in 1783! What forward thinking by our founders!

In totality, it took 4 score and seven years or 87 years to rid our country of slavery.  In comparison, the Romans and Greeks never considered slavery as a problem.  The Europeans took 900 years.  The United States removed slavery in one life time.  That is amazing! The American founding and the founder’s achieved the world’s greatest anti-slavery and racism movement in world history at a time when this injustice was so prevalent.  Imagine from a country that really was only 4 years old!  This bold act was monumental in World History.

Tom Goodfellow


Grand Lake U. S. Constitution Week

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