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Grand Lake US Constitution Week 

2023 Speaker Videos

2023 Keynote Speaker

Carol Swain

"What My Life Has Taught Me About Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in America"

Professor Rob Natelson

"Our Current Supreme Court: Not Conservative But Fractured"

Professor Rob Natelson - Q&A

Kelly D. Johnston

"US Capitol History: The Home of Article I"

Kelly D. Johnston - Q&A

Randy Moorhead

"The 1st Amendment and Money in Politics"

Kelly D. Johnston - Q&A

Andy Peth

"How to Sell Liberty - Helping people embrace liberty quickly…and like us for it!" 

Andy Peth - Q&A

Seth Stern USAF (Ret.)

"US Foreign Policy and the Role of the President and the Legislature"

Seth Stern USAF (Ret.) - Q&A

Drew Dix US Army (Ret.)

The Warrior Culture Needed to Defend Our Constitution"

Drew Dix US Army (Ret.) - Q&A

Dr. Thomas Krannawitter, Ph.D.

"Private Property as a Moral Concept and the Foundation for Constitutional Self-Government" Plus Q&A

Kurt Skinner USAF (Ret.)

"A Republic If We Can Keep It - Restoring an American Citizenry Fit for Self-Government"

Kurt Skinner USAF (Ret.) - Q&A

2023 Good Day Colorado GLUSCW Promotion Video

2022 Speaker Videos

2022 Keynote Speaker

Frank Donatelli

“Remembering President Reagan's Speech on the

200th Anniversary of the Constitution”

Professor Alan Kahan

“Alexis de Tocqueville and the American Judiciary”

Professor Akhil Reed Amar

“1787-88 The Year That Changed Everything”

Kelly D. Johnston

“Understanding Today's US Senate”

CAPT Charles "CM" Wood

USN (Ret) &

CAPT L. "Laddie" Coburn

USN (Ret)

“The Constitution and the Warrior”

Jay Bowen

“What Makes Our Constitutional Republic Unique in History

Professor Rob Natelson

“Presidential Elections and How State Legislatures Can Address Corruption”

Dr. Thomas Krannawitter

“The Constitution and the Greatest Anti-Slavery Movement in History”

Brian Blumenfeld J.D., M.A.

“Political Parties, Primary Elections, and the Constitution: History, Practice, and Reform”

Ambassador Richard H. Jones

“What the Constitution Means to a Member of the Deep State”

Helen Raleigh, CFA

“How to Protect Our Republic from Becoming a Marxist Tyranny Like China

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